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January 19

Husky sledding &competitive skiing. Ice Swimming Show &ice fishing. Sled Festival &sprint racing in valenki. It's all about the World Snow Day in Kamensk-Uralsky. Create your own sleigh, put on your valenki, and come here!


Metallist, Ski & Boating Station

44 Gogol Street

WALK THROUGH KAMENSK, a popular weekend walking tour 

May 24

10,000 steps on foot or 30 kilometers by bike In a birch grove or through the pine forest. Walking by the one-of-a-kind natural monuments or through the spring-time city streets framed by blossoming trees. Choose your own route for the walk through Kamensk. We'll provide you with a map and ultimate experience! 


Start: Yunost Technical Sports Stadium 

10A Kadochnikov Street


June 12

BUY LOCAL IN KAMENSK-URALSKY is a trade platform that offers local products with 'Made in Kamensk-Uralsky' marking. Enjoy oyster mushrooms grown in Kamensk-Uralsky or craft meat pastry made in the same. Buy a local panthenol product or a bicycle for kids with special needs. 


Lenin Komsomol Square



A test for toughest cyclists. The track passes through forest areas and country roads. Past natural monuments, scenic rivers and lakes. Choose from 2 routes running across 3 regions: Sverdlovsk region, Chelyabinsk region, and Kurgan region. A route length is either 38 km or 108 km.

Start: Silikatny Sand Quarry


June 22

June 22, 2020. Kamensk visitors and residents will be able to go back in time 79 years ago and see how the World War 2 came to this town. The stories based on hard facts will be recreated by the actors of the Drama No. 3 Theater. Venue: next to the old Military Commissariat. 30,000 Kamensk residents left for the war from the walls of this building.


Sobornaya Square

128 Lenin Street

FUN DOG FEST, a Dog Festival

June 27-28

The Fun Dog Fest is a Dog Lover's Paradise. Visit this Festival to enjoy a wonderful company of 4 legged, or take your pet to participate in a contest. Festival Program: Triathlon, Biathlon, the Night Race and Dancing With Dogs. You can book the hotel in Kamensk-Uralsky or sleep in the tent.

Kamensk urban district

Bank of the Kamyshenka River (GPS coordinates: 56.441002, 61.680986) 

KAMENSK-URALSKY – BELL CAPITAL, the 16th Bell Ringing Festival + Outdoor Film Festival 

July 11

Classical Bell Ringing. Bell Ringing With Orchestra. Bell Ringing accompanied by the Rock Musician. ... and even by DJs. Any collaborations are possible at the Kamensk-Uralsky – Bell Capital Festival. Take your time. The Outdoor Short Film Festival is to start in the evening.


Lenin Komsomol Square

Russian Supercross Championship

July 11-12

Fantastic speeds. Breathtaking jumps. Dangerous falls. The leading national athletes are to come to Kamensk-Uralsky for the Supercross. The race is to take place at one of the best tracks in Europe. It is located in the center of Kamensk-Uralsky.


Yunost Technical Sports Stadium

10A Kadochnikov Street


July 18

Russian Food & Folk Games. A Circle Dance & Ditty Contest Get to know how to cook a popular summer soup. Have a good meal and a lot of fun. It's all about the Okroshka Festival in Kamensk-Uralsky.


Square in front of the Sovremennik Palace of Culture

133 Lermontov Street

COSMODAY Festival 

July 18

For the first time in your life have some borscht soup packaged in tubes while your kids do the parachute jumping. And vice versa. There will be 7 space missions. Get ready. The Space Festival is held in memory of Pavel Belyaev, the great Soviet Cosmonaut. The Hero spent his childhood and youth in Kamensk-Uralsky.


City Center

GREEN CARRIAGE, Song Writers Festival 

August 14-16

The forest, the river, and campfire guitar songs. That is so romantic! The Green Carriage Song Writers Festival has been held in the vicinity of Kamensk-Uralsky for over 30 years. There are 3 festival days. One can book the hotel in Kamensk-Uralsky or sleep in the tent.

Kamensk urban district

Bank of the Kamyshenka River (GPS coordinates: 56.441002, 61.680986) 

MUSES & GUNS, History & Culture Festival 

September 26

Visit the MUSES & GUNS History & Culture Festival, to mine the ore, shoot a cannon, throw cannon balls or fight using the gunstick. The visitors are welcome to see the 300 year old process of ore smelting or to learn the straw shoes (lapti) making. Fire Show and a musical concert will be the highlights of this holiday event.


Old Kamensk, the city pond dam

Karl Marx Street



The race you won't get cold at even in the cold Urals winter. An event that will skyrocket your adrenaline level! Top-ranking Russian and international riders are to come to Kamensk-Uralsky for the Ice Speedway Championship. Enjoy the aircraft show in the interim.

The Metallurg Stadium

1 Oktyabrskaya Street

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