City sights

The Stone Gate Rock

This 20 meter high rock with a through arch is a landmark of our region,and the monument of regional significance. The Stone Gate rock is registered as the specially protected natural area of Russia. 

The Cannon Monument

The Cannon Monument is the symbol of our city. It is located on the highland of Kamesky pond. The monument was built in 1967. It was installed where it is now in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Its base plate has the bas-relief depicting the scenes of different military battles with Kamensk cannons used.

Pyatkov & Co., Bell Foundry

The manufacturer of 6-18 ton bells. The factory was built under the special project, and it is in compliance with any and all EU bell production standards. 

Local History Museum named after I. Ya. Styazhkin

This is an architectural monument of federal significance. The Museum occupies the former office of the Kamensk Iron Foundry which was built in 1825. The Museum is proud of its collection of artillery items manufactured at the Kamensk Iron Foundry. Some of them are dated 1733.

Old Kamensk

A historic center of our city where you can see the buildings dated the early 18th century. They survive to now unchanged. The architectural complex designed by M. P. Malakhov in the 19th century includes the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Local History Museum, and the Food Warehouses.

Kamenka River Dam

The first dam in the Urals was built in Kamensk in 1700. The ground part of the dam was built according to the Soviet classicism style. 

The Church of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky

The Church was built in honor of the 300th city anniversary in the center of Kamensk-Uralsky, under the project made by A. V. Dolgov, Architect of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.  

Karpinsky Walking Trail 

A 1.5 kilometer long trail passes through the heart of the city. Travel and discover yielded magmatic rocks or sedimentary rocks dated up to 430 million years ago.

Geological Museum named after V. P. Shevalev

The Museum consists of two halls with more than 4,500 exhibits presented in five sections: Rocks, Minerals, Ore minerals, Paleontology, and Geology of Kamensky district.

The Birch Grove, Ski & Biathlon Sports Center

The site for exercising and sports is located in the area that had been used for the ore mining for more than 200 years. The Birch Grove's area is zoned as follows: a shooting zone, an illuminated paved track, weight training equipment and an outdoor gymnastics zone.

Yunost Motor Circuit named after V. V. Druz

This is another sports facility that was built in the place of the mine. This cross-country Circuit is located in a city center area. It is considered to be one of the best Russian and EU circuits. Circuit length: 1,940 meters. Circuit width: 8 – 14 meters. 

Razgulyaevsky City Park
Razgulaevskypark is a portion of wildlife in the center of the city. It has a multilevel track for bike riding and Nordic walking.

Moose Sculpture

This objet d'art can be found on the bank of the Iset River, not far from the point of confluence of the Iset River and the Kamenka River. This place is another must-see. Artist: Vladimir Permyakov.

The Walk of Fame Memorial Complex  

This alley is known for a number of memorials located there. In the center, there is an infantry fighting vehicle on the pedestal surrounded by the monuments dedicated to different troops, and the monuments to General Vasily Margelov and General Victor Dubinin.

Arched Railway Bridge

A unique bridge over the Iset River listed in the Register of Soviet Architectural Monuments. 

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