Best tours

Amazing Kamensk

It is a combined tour consisting of the water journey along the Iset River Canyon, a visit to the Bell Foundry, and to the Local History Museum. You will get acquainted with the city’s historical background. You will have a chance to see natural landmarks and listen to fascinating stories about geological features of local rocks and mountains, as well as the Urals myths and legends. 
Tour duration: 4 hours. 
Price starts at RUB 1,200.00/person*

Bell Ringing in Kamensk-Uralsky

A very interesting informative tour.Get to know the history of the first factory city in the Urals, and the story of local worship facilities. The Program includes: a visit to the Local History Museum and to the Bell Foundry where you will see the bell manufacture process, and the city sightseeing (by bus). 
Tour duration: 3 hours. 
Price starts at RUB 700.00/person*

Health Journey 

Improve your health in Kamensk-Uralsky! The Praskovia Phytocenter offers the unique health improvement method. Moreover, you will learn about medicinal herbs, and you will attend their workshop to make your own herbal doll or delicious herbal tea. Next step: a river tram journey along the Iset River Canyon. 
Tour duration: 6 hours. 
Price starts at RUB 1,300.00/person*

The Bell: From Gingerbread to Bronze 

An informative and gastronomic tour where you can make a huge gingerbread bell, and see the manufacture of real bronze bells at the Pyatkov and Co. Bell Foundry. Moreover, they will teach you the bell ringing. 
Tour duration: 4 hours. 
Price starts at RUB 1,000.00*

Art Tour


A walk tour around the cultural Kamensk-Uralsky. You'll see the backstage of the Drama Number Three, a Professional City Theater. You'll be able to see the process of costume, stage set and requisite making. You'll visit dressing rooms and the stage. During the bus tour you'll see the city through the prism of the artistry. 
Tour duration: 4 hours. 
Price starts at RUB 800.00/person*

Bird Island Tour

A trip on a river tram along the Iset River. You will see a unique railway bridge. No similar bridge can be found anywhere else in the world. You will pass through the Iset River Canyon enjoying the beauty of rocks on the banks including the unique natural monument – the Stone Gate rock. Open season: May – October. 
Tour duration: 2 hours. 
Price starts at RUB 400.00*

* All prices are for the groups of 10 persons. Any tour can be customized, according to your needs. 

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