Introduction to Kamensk-Uralsky

Our city is situated 100 kilometers away from Yekaterinburg, in the very south of Sverdlovsk region. It is the birthplace of the first metallurgical factory in the Urals that was founded here three centuries ago. 
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Best tours

Amazing Kamensk It is a combined tour consisting of the water journey along the Iset River Canyon, a visit to the Bell Foundry, and to the Local History Museum. You will get acquainted with the city’s historical background. You will have a chance to see natural landmarks and listen to fascinating s...
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City sights

The Stone Gate Rock This 20 meter high rock with a through arch is a landmark of our region,and the monument of regional significance. The Stone Gate rock is registered as the specially protected natural area of Russia.  The Cannon Monument The Cannon Monument is the symbol of our city. It is...
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7 Things To Do In Kamensk-Uralsky

# 1 Visit the Pyatkov & K Bell Foundry 4,500 tourists visit the Pyatkov & K Bell Foundry every year. This is the only bell manufacturer in the Urals. When in Kamensk-Uralsky, do not hesitate to take a tour to this factory. They are open for tours Tuesday through Saturday. The minimum nu...
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